We here at Alpacas of Willow Hill, LLC have been fortunate enough to become members of the alpaca community, a special group of incredible people!  When we first became interested in alpacas we had no idea an "alpaca community" existed. During our initial scouting trips to various alpaca ranches we learned not only about the "alpaca lifestyle" but how the "alpaca community" works. We have been warmly welcomed by all of the other alpaca owners we have met and shown just how special it can be to own and raise alpacas. The fact that we can send out an email or make a call and rely on our friends and community really means so much to us. We know we will never be out here on our own to fend for ourselves. Raising alpacas is an experience of a lifetime that we can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who loves animals and who is looking for something out of the ordinary. Alpacas are a constant source of humor, peace and entertainment. Their soft hums can wipe away your most stressful day and make everything right with the world. Their antics when interacting with each other or with everyday objects (leaves, wandering turtles, stray cats, etc.) can be hilarious and provide hours of entertainment. We welcome you to come on out and visit with us and see for yourself how relaxing and interesting the alpaca lifestyle can be.

We are proud members of AOA, GAA, and NAAFP. Please call us for all of your alpaca fiber needs. We have everything from raw fleece to alpaca yarn in many colors. We offer organic alpaca fertilizer by the bag or truckload.